The Hotaling Group is one of the most experienced insurance brokerage and advisory firms in New York. We specialize in delivering innovative money-saving insurance solutions that will help your company’s bottom line as well as best protect its assets. Our loss control staff has decades of experience handling and solving contractor safety and regulatory problems. Our claims staff is seasoned in contractor issues and knows the importance of analyzing claim situations accurately from the start. Our organization serves some of the nation’s most renowned and prominent construction clients throughout the tristate area, as well as throughout the country and abroad.

Our Property and Casualty Group has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals to offer very attractive and largely unequaled service for your construction needs. We specialize not only in insurance and bond guidance and placement, but also OHSA (as well as other Federal and State) compliance, loss control, including Workers Compensation Experience Mod reduction. Further, we represent the full array of insurance carriers and property and casualty vendors. Our knowledge, experience, risk management expertise; as well as our highly-rated service have quickly earned the trust of a large and expanding network of construction clients as well as a strong reputation of industry excellence.

Also, The Hotaling Group is one of the most technologically advanced independent insurance brokerage firms in New York servicing construction clients, offering property-casualty, data analysis, risk management, loss control programs, return to work programs, experience mod reduction, contract reviews as well as a host of other risk management and communication services. We also provide for our construction clients regular newsletters relevant to issues facing the construction and/or insurance industry, to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve as well as personal access to a large searchable database of construction, human resources and business related topics. Our comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management has earned The Hotaling Group a prominent reputation in the market, such that insurance carriers will often take extra strides towards better meeting the needs of our clients.

In short, The Hotaling Group has the broad expertise and capability to coordinate all of your insurance, risk management and surety needs from a single source and location. We pride ourselves in our long-term client relationships and strive to continue earning our clients’ trust and confidence.

Find out how The Hotaling Group can improve your company’s bottom line by contacting us at  or calling us at 646-539-3721.