As a Partner of Hotaling Insurance Services (HIS), Alexa is a reputable authority in the insurance and finance industry, providing top-notch solutions to her clients. With more than eight years of experience in this dynamic industry, she possesses a range of knowledge and expertise. She guides her clients to achieve their financial goals while keeping their priorities in mind.

Recognizing Alexa’s talent for building and nurturing relationships, her father, Bobby Hotaling, Founder of HIS, instilled in her a passion for the insurance industry. She knew from an early age that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and weave her own story in the world of insurance. Her natural gift for relationship-building led her to pursue a degree in Communications from the University of Miami.

Beyond the insurance industry, Alexa is an enthusiast of culinary pursuits, frequently engaging in cooking and baking. She is also a dedicated dog mom to her French Bulldog, Kobe, and a travel aficionado. Moreover, she has a passion for fitness, an area she became a professional in at the age of 20. Alexa has planted roots in her cozy Massachusetts home, where she has built a life after getting married.

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