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Advocating for Our Client in an Insurance Claim Situation

Advocating for Our Client

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Advocating for Our Client in an Insurance Claim Situation

Here at Hotaling Insurance Services, we know the importance of advocating for our clients when they are involved in an insurance claim situation. We understand that the outcome of these claims will directly impact your business and its success. So, how can you make sure that our clients is being properly represented? Here’s what we do when advocating for our clients during an insurance claim.

1. Advocating for Our Client: Understand the Details of the Claim

Before we jump into advocacy mode, we take time to understand the details of the claim itself. This includes reviewing all relevant documents related to the claim such as policy agreements, medical records and other evidence. It also means having a thorough understanding of the facts and circumstances surrounding the claim so that you can provide accurate information and facts to support your arguments on behalf of our client.

2. Advocating for Our Client: Contacting Our Client’s Insurance Company

Once you have all of the necessary information, we contact our insurance company and begin the process of advocacy. We call to explain our client’s situation and why they deserve a fair settlement based on their policy agreement. We bring up any relevant evidence or points that may be helpful in making a case for compensation on behalf of our client.

3. Negotiate with Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters may try to low-ball or deny legitimate claims from policyholders, but we understand it’s important to remain steadfast in advocating for what is fair and just for our client. We reach an agreement with them over the phone or through email; however, if negotiations fail then we take legal action against them in order to get a fair settlement for our client.

4. Prepare For Legal Action

If necessary, preparing for legal action includes hiring an attorney who specializes in insurance law or filing a complaint against the company with state authorities depending on which route is most appropriate given the situation at hand. We gather as much evidence as possible before taking this step so that you can ensure there is enough proof presented in court if necessary. The more information you can provide during this stage, the better chance you have at winning a favorable decision on behalf of our client.


Advocating for clients during insurance claims takes patience, knowledge and determination—all qualities that our agents possess. Taking steps such as understanding all details related to the claim, communicating effectively with adjusters, negotiating settlements where possible, and preparing for legal action if needed are essential components of successful advocacy efforts on behalf of clients seeking fair compensation from their insurers following an incident or accident covered by their policies. By taking these steps and remaining vigilant throughout each stage of the process, we help ensure our clients receive justice from their insurer when making these types of claims!

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