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Vendor Event Insurance: Essential Protection for Planners

Vendor Event Insurance: Quality Protection for Planners

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Vendor Event Insurance: Quality Protection for Planners

As an experienced insurance agent with over a decade of dedication at Hotaling Insurance Services and a caring mother of two, I understand the intricacies of safeguarding your passions and professions. Today, we explore the critical need for vendor event insurance, a must-have for every artist, crafter, and event planner engaging in events nationwide.

Why Vendor Event Insurance is Crucial

Vendor event insurance isn’t just a formal requirement; it’s your financial safety net when participating in art shows, craft fairs, and similar events. Having the right insurance protects you from unforeseen liabilities and accidents that could occur, whether you’re showcasing your artwork at local events or selling online.

Case Study: Ensuring Success with Vendor Event Insurance at the Annual Crafters Expo


The Annual Crafters Expo, held in a prominent convention center, attracts hundreds of crafters and thousands of visitors each year. The event features a variety of stalls, workshops, and live demonstrations, making it a significant occasion in the crafting community.


Despite the Expo’s popularity, the organizers faced considerable risks including potential injuries, property damage, and other liabilities associated with hosting a large-scale event. Previous expos had encountered minor incidents, such as a visitor tripping over booth setup materials, which resulted in minor injuries and a legal dispute over liability. These incidents highlighted the need for comprehensive event insurance to protect both the organizers and participants.


The organizers decided to partner with Hotaling Insurance Services to secure a tailored vendor event insurance policy. They chose the ACT Pro policy due to its comprehensive coverage which included:

  • Products & Completed Operations Liability: This covered claims related to the products sold by vendors at the expo.
  • Professional Liability: This was crucial for workshops where craft techniques were taught.
  • General Liability: To cover incidents of bodily injury and property damage within the event space.


Hotaling Insurance Services worked closely with the Expo organizers to assess the specific risks associated with their event, including the number of participants, types of activities planned, and venue specifics. A custom insurance solution was implemented a month before the event, providing ample time for all vendors to be informed and covered under the new policy.


The event proceeded without any significant incidents, but the insurance coverage provided peace of mind to the organizers and vendors. A small incident occurred where a display fixture fell and slightly damaged a visitor’s property, but the quick response from the insurance covered the damages, preventing any financial strain or legal complications for the organizers.


Post-event feedback from vendors and participants was overwhelmingly positive. Vendors felt more secure knowing that they were protected against potential liabilities, and the organizers were pleased with the seamless handling of the insurance claim related to the property damage. This positive experience reinforced the value of having robust vendor event insurance and established Hotaling Insurance Services as a key partner for future events.


This case study underscores the importance of vendor event insurance in managing risks and ensuring the smooth execution of large-scale public events. The Annual Crafters Expo experience demonstrates how comprehensive coverage not only protects financial interests but also enhances trust and professionalism among all parties involved.

Types of Coverage and Flexibility

ACT Insurance provides two tailored policy options:

  • ACT Go: A short-term event insurance perfect for events lasting from 1-90 days, starting at just $49 for 1-3 days.
  • ACT Pro: Offers comprehensive coverage including Products & Completed Operations, Professional Liability, and coverage for Tools, Supplies, & Inventory, starting at $24.25 per month.

Both policies ensure that you’re covered at a variety of venues nationwide and are not location-specific, offering flexibility if you decide to move to another state or host events in different locations.

Ease of Access and Comprehensive Options

One of the significant advantages of opting for ACT Insurance is the ease of obtaining coverage. Policies are available instantly online with 24/7 access to policy documents, making it convenient for planners who have hectic schedules preparing for events.

Pricing, Policy Terms, and Customer Support

Understanding the pricing and terms is straightforward, with options designed to cater to both occasional and frequent exhibitors. The lack of a deductible on liability claims and comprehensive customer support further enhances the appeal of these insurance options, ensuring that you have peace of mind during all your endeavors.

Educational Support and Nationwide Coverage

ACT Insurance also focuses on educating its clients about the various coverage elements, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. Moreover, the nationwide coverage is a significant benefit for those who travel for events.

FAQs About Vendor Event Insurance

What is vendor insurance coverage?

Vendor insurance coverage includes protection against liability claims that could arise from your operations at an event, including accidents or damages caused by your products or operations.

What kind of insurance do I need for an event?

For one-off events or a series of events, you’ll typically need short-term liability insurance like ACT Go. For ongoing coverage, consider a comprehensive policy like ACT Pro.

What is exhibitor liability insurance?

This covers claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by your activities at an event, ensuring that you are protected against potential lawsuits.

How much does event production insurance cost?

Costs can vary based on coverage limits, event size, and duration. For example, short-term policies could start as low as $49, providing affordable options for all exhibitors.

Conclusion: Why We Excel Beyond the Competition

At Hotaling Insurance Services, we pride ourselves on providing more than just insurance; we deliver security and peace of mind. Our commitment to offering tailored, understandable, and accessible insurance solutions sets us apart. Our expertise and approachable service ensure that you, as an event planner, receive the support you need to thrive worry-free in your endeavors.

Feel secure in your journey with the right vendor event insurance. Reach out today to safeguard your events!


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