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Why Brokers Accepting Urgent Listings Pre-Foreclosure

Buzzer beaters: Why brokers take distressed listings before foreclosure

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Last-Minute Victories: The Strategy Behind Brokers Accepting Urgent Listings Pre-Foreclosure


In the article provided, Bobby Hotaling plays a significant role as an observer and commentator on the alarming trend of rising property insurance costs, especially in the Bronx. Hotaling is the founder of Hotaling Insurance Services, and his perspective within the article focuses on the surge in personal injury lawsuits, which he believes are a major contributing factor to the inflation of insurance premiums for landlords.

Hotaling points out a staggering increase in lawsuits, suggesting they have gone up by 300 percent in the year, and are continuing to rise. This statistic alone paints a grim picture of the liability landscape for property owners. He criticizes the aggressive tactics of personal injury law firms that target tenants, encouraging them to sue for conditions in their buildings, which in turn prompts insurance companies to raise their rates as a defensive measure against these increased liabilities.

The article describes a litigious environment where personal injury firms actively seek out potential clients by scouring complaints filed to the city’s 311 hotline for incidents like cracked sidewalks or leaky roofs. Hotaling expresses disgust at this practice, indicating it contributes to what he perceives as an exploitative cycle that affects not just individual landlords, but the entire housing market in the Bronx.

Hotaling’s insights serve to highlight the complex interplay of factors that are contributing to the surge in property insurance. This includes not only the litigious climate but also issues like crime rates, building age, the prevalence of subsidized housing, and a dwindling number of carriers willing to underwrite policies in the area. His commentary sheds light on the challenges landlords face, such as the need to cobble together multiple policies from different providers to secure adequate coverage, a process that has become increasingly costly and complex.

The discussion also points to a broader context of systemic issues. Hotaling indicates that liability premiums for landlords have been on a steep incline for a decade, with some property owners facing increases even without having filed a claim. When claims do arise, they lead to fears of exorbitant hikes in insurance costs.

Moreover, Hotaling provides a critical view of the insurance industry’s response to these trends. He notes the term “asteroid coverage” used by Brendan Mitchell to describe umbrella policies, emphasizing how insurers are offering less coverage for higher prices in a bid to shield themselves from the growing financial risks, a situation exacerbated by climate change and the increased frequency of powerful storms.

In conclusion, Hotaling’s input in the article serves to underscore the distressing insurance market conditions for landlords, particularly in the Bronx. He draws attention to a system seemingly spiraling out of control, where landlords are trapped in a cycle of soaring costs and diminishing coverage options, a predicament that is making the cost of being a landlord in these areas increasingly unsustainable.




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