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How much is Flood Insurance in Houston? 2023

How Much Is Houston Flood Insurance

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Flood Insurance in Houston, Texas 2024

Flood insurance in Houston on average is $1,029 before taxes.

vital against unpredictable natural forces, has a price shaped by several factors. To understand flood insurance premiums in Houston, it’s important to recognize the determining variables. This article dives into factors affecting flood insurance costs for Houstonians.

Property Location

Different areas of Houston, especially near Buffalo Bayou, Brays Bayou, and Clear Creek, face frequent flooding. Your location in these zones significantly affects your insurance premium.

Most Flooded Areas in Houston

  • Westbury neighborhood (southwest Houston)

    • Nearby Willowbend Boulevard between Fondren Road and Hillcroft Avenue.
    • Recorded 26 flooding complaints.
    • Contains an aging storm sewer system.
    • An $11 million drainage project in Westbury is 60% designed with construction expected soon.
    • A $25 million project will start on Fondren Road in September 2024.
  • Sunnyside neighborhood (city’s south side)

    • Near Cullen Boulevard and Bellfort Street.
    • Noted 27 drainage complaints this year.
    • Homeowner Harold Mourning photographed stormwater near his home on Sunflower Street.
    • Sunnyside’s drainage system, from the 1950s, struggles during heavy rains.
    • A major project awaits $111 million in federal funding.
  • Cottage Grove (near Memorial Park)

    • Holds the highest flooding complaints.
    • Recent townhome developments replaced single homes.
    • Overgrown weeds in ditches pose problems; their maintenance is homeowners’ responsibility.
    • Houston Public Works will address ditches accumulating soil.

Elevation and Flood Zone

Houston’s elevation varies, influencing premiums. Areas like the Heights have higher elevation, possibly offering lower premiums, while sea-level zones in Harris County might face higher costs.

Least Flooded Areas in Houston

  • Briargrove Park

    • Near the 610 Loop, it features ranch-style homes. Close to shopping areas like the Galleria.
  • Houston Uptown

    • Also called “Uptown” or The Heights, it saw little damage in the last hurricane. Homes have a Victorian touch.
  • Buffalo Military

    • Near Buffalo Bayou Park, yet flood-resistant. Offers parks, water channels, and easy commuting options.
  • Downtown East (EaDo)

    • Close to downtown and attractions like the Museum District. Historically, can flood during heavy rains.
  • Oak Afton

    • Inside the 610 Loop, with rising home values. Roads remain resilient to flooding.

Base Flood Elevation (BFE)

Houstonians need to understand BFE, especially in areas like Greenspoint. Properties below the BFE might have higher premiums.

Building Characteristics

Houston’s diverse architecture affects premiums. Older buildings, like in the historic Sixth Ward, differ from new ones in the Energy Corridor. Using flood-resistant materials can lead to affordable premiums.


While this article outlines flood insurance factors in Houston, an exact cost requires an insurance provider consultation. Each property contributes uniquely to the cost. Consulting an expert is the best way to budget for your flood insurance in Houston.


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