Jake Schuster, a leading Insurance Specialist at Hotaling Insurance Services, has a track record of securing unparalleled insurance solutions for high-net-worth families, top-tier athletes, and influential business owners. Since joining the firm in 2018, Jake has become a trusted expert in various specialized insurance fields. His proficiency spans advanced life insurance planning, disability coverage tailored for athletes, and comprehensive commercial P&C insurance solutions for security, law, and medical sectors.

Jake’s expertise is underpinned by a robust educational foundation from Syracuse University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and Finance. This dual focus has equipped him with critical financial acumen and strategic risk management skills, which he seamlessly integrates into his clients’ solutions.

Jake is passionate about demystifying the complexities of insurance for his clients. He has helped countless clients understand their coverage and exposures better, often transforming confusion into clarity. For instance, one client praised Jake for reducing their law firm’s medical insurance premiums by 40%.

Born and raised in New York, Jake cherishes his roots and strives to make a positive impact through his work. In his spare time, Jake enjoys snowboarding, playing basketball, spending quality time with his dog, and traveling.

With Jake Schuster, you are not just getting an insurance agent; you are gaining a dedicated partner committed to safeguarding your future. Whether you need advanced life insurance, specialized disability coverage, or comprehensive commercial solutions, Jake’s expertise ensures you are always protected. Contact Jake today and experience the difference of personalized, best-in-class insurance service.

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