At Hotaling Insurance Services (HIS), Johnson leads a nationwide team of insurance producers with a relentless commitment to their success. With a proven track record in high-touch coaching and exemplary leadership skills, he specializes in providing efficient solutions that prioritize clients’ best interests and ensures a secure future.

Rapidly ascending the ranks at HIS, Johnson’s exceptional leadership, training, and development successes propelled him to his current prestigious position as National Sales Director. His unwavering commitment to his team’s triumph knows no bounds, as he goes above and beyond to provide guidance and support, ensuring each individual reaches their full potential.

Johnson’s journey in the insurance industry began with a transformative summer internship at SugarTime, The Sports Agency. Working closely with athletes and staff, he witnessed firsthand the importance of protecting assets and preparing for unforeseen events. It was during this experience that Johnson’s passion for helping others succeed ignited, as he recognized the power of insurance in providing individuals with the peace of mind they deserve.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Johnson is an active community member and fervent advocate for giving back. During his time at Florida State University, he organized a highly successful fundraiser, securing sponsorships from various companies for charitable causes. He made significant contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project, helping raise over $20,000 to support veterans in need.

During his leisure time, Johnson finds solace in the vibrant life of New York City alongside his wonderful fiancée, Michelle. Weekends are spent enjoying rounds of golf, passionately cheering for his sports teams from Colorado, and spending time with family and friends. With an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact, Johnson Emerson is a driving force in the insurance industry and a trusted advisor for individuals seeking financial security.

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