Lilly stands at the forefront of the insurance industry with over twenty years of expertise in commercial lines marketing. As the Senior Vice President of Marketing for commercial lines at Hotaling Insurance Services, Lilly operates out of the company’s Melville, NY headquarters, orchestrating strategic initiatives that redefine industry standards.


Throughout her professional career, Lilly has distinguished herself as a trailblazer, consistently pushing the boundaries of conventional marketing practices to achieve unprecedented success. Her profound insights, coupled with her innate ability to anticipate market trends, have positioned her as a pioneer of innovation within the industry.


With a career spanning various pivotal roles, Lilly has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to fostering growth and innovation within the insurance landscape. Prior to her career at Hotaling Insurance Services, Lilly held the position of Vice President of Marketing at SCS Agency, Inc., where she played an instrumental role in driving the company’s marketing strategies to new heights. Before her time at SCS Agency, Inc., Lilly honed her skills as an Account Executive with USI Insurance Services, where she showcased her adeptness at building lasting client relationships and navigating the intricate nuances of the insurance market.


As a visionary leader and seasoned expert in insurance marketing, Lilly continues to leave her mark on the industry. Her unwavering dedication to excellence serves as an inspiration to colleagues and industry professionals alike, urging them to embrace innovation and strive for greatness.

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