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Podcast Recap: Exploring Insurance Excellence with Bobby Hotaling on Buy Hold Sell

Buy Hold Sell Podcast Featuring Bobby Hotaling

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In this insightful episode of “Buy Hold Sell,” hosted by Todd M. Schoenberger, we dive into the world of insurance alongside Bobby Hotaling, the visionary founder and president of Hotaling Insurance Services (HIS). Discover how HIS is revolutionizing the insurance industry by providing clients with tailor-made policies without compromising their finances.


Listen to Insuring Success: Buy Hold Sell with Bobby Hotaling of Hotaling Insurance Services

The Unmatched Expertise of Hotaling Insurance Services


HIS stands out as a family risk management office with an exceptional edge in tax mitigation and risk mitigation, leveraging the power of the insurance industry. Their array of services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from high-net-worth individuals to corporations in the sports and entertainment sphere. From safeguarding homes, autos, boats, and planes to comprehensive health and life insurance offerings with a strong emphasis on tax strategies, HIS delivers on their promise of comprehensive protection.

Balancing Tradition and Technology


At HIS, tradition meets innovation through a thoughtful blend of personalized service and cutting-edge technology. While embracing digital tools, the company maintains a strong commitment to face-to-face interactions, ensuring accountability, prompt service, and a reassuring presence during critical moments, including claims and challenging situations.


Fueling Success Stories


One of the many success stories revolves around Florida’s condo insurance market, where premiums have soared dramatically. Demonstrating proactivity, HIS works alongside Navigator Risk Management to conduct meticulous risk management reviews for clients, resulting in significant reductions in insurance premiums, sparing clients from staggering increases.


Overcoming Regional Insurance Challenges


Diving into specific market challenges, Bobby Hotaling sheds light on the intricacies of dealing with insurance in regions like New York and wildfire-prone California. He emphasizes that New York remains one of the toughest states for life insurance, while outlining HIS’ expansion plans into international territories, including an increasing interest from Japan.


The Diverse Insurance Universe


From precious jewelry and high-stake racehorses to luxurious boats and jets, HIS covers an extensive range of insurance needs with unwavering expertise. Their ability to specialize in various insurance segments demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.


A True Passion for Protection

Bobby Hotaling’s unwavering passion for his work shines throughout the podcast episode. His extensive experience and dedication have solidified HIS as a trusted source for strategic advice and innovative solutions that effectively meet clients’ insurance needs.

BOBBY Hotaling New York City


Secure Your Future with Expert Insurance Solutions from Hotaling Insurance Services

When it comes to safeguarding your future, there’s no room for compromise. HIS stands as a beacon of excellence in the insurance industry, fueled by a passion for protection and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that suit your unique needs. With their unparalleled expertise, dedication to personal service, and a proven track record of success, you can trust Hotaling Insurance Services to be your partner in securing what matters most to you. Don’t leave your financial security to chance – contact Hotaling Insurance Services today and experience the peace of mind that comes from having a team of experts on your side, ensuring you are protected, always. 



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