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Hotaling Mobile Phone Application

Hotaling Mobile Phone Application

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Hotaling Insurance Services Announces Launch of Mobile Phone Application – Hotaling Property & Casualty

[NEW YORK, NY, September 13, 2021]– Hotaling Insurance Services, a risk management family office, announced today that it has launched its new mobile app, Hotaling Property & Casualty, for its Private Client and Commercial Lines customers. This innovative new app aims to provide a hassle-free, automated experience for clients so they can easily access their insurance information directly from their phones.

Hotaling Property & Casualty has a wide range of capabilities that allows customers to obtain proof of insurance or insurance documents, report a claim, and communicate directly with their broker or customer service representative.

“Today, convenience rules and the ability to effectuate change communicate with others and start anew is happening through technology and applications. Take a minute and open up/look at your smartphone. Those applications therein; banking, vehicle access, social media, news forums, professional associations, and even your home security system… there is an app for nearly every function of our lives. We all utilize several apps which we rely on daily to provide simplification, instant gratification, and the ability to multi-task in our hectic lives. We know that our clients today want the same when it comes to their insurance experience and so, Hotaling Insurance Services has launched our version of that user experience and instant real-time access to their insurance with our very own Hotaling Property & Casualty App. With the app, clients are able to review policies and coverages, file a claim, and communicate with their account executive from their phones while on the go. We couldn’t be more excited to roll the app out and provide value-added resources to our clients.” said Jason Cavallo, Chief Operating Officer of Hotaling Insurance Services.

This application seamlessly integrates with Hotaling Insurance Services’ management system to ensure that customers have access to their latest policy information. The app is available for existing customers to download in the iPhone (iOS) and Android app stores.

About Hotaling Insurance Services 

As a full-service risk management family office with over two decades of experience, Hotaling Insurance Services provides customized risk management solutions for clients, ranging from individuals and business owners to professional athletes and entertainers. With over 100 employees and five office locations, Hotaling Insurance Services has built a reputation as a leader in the insurance industry. Hotaling Insurance Services helps its clients protect and grow their assets with sophisticated estate, business, and tax mitigation strategies and innovative insurance programs.

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