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Melville, NY, situated in the heart of Huntington, offers its residents picturesque landscapes and a close-knit community. However, residents encounter several challenges, from safeguarding their homes against natural calamities to protecting their businesses against cyber threats. Hotaling Insurance Services is here to help, with a range of tailored solutions grounded in deep local expertise. We offer everything from Homeowners Insurance to Cyber Liability coverage, helping Melville residents secure peace of mind.

Commercial Insurance Services

  • I own a small cafe in Melville. How can General Liability Insurance protect me?

    • Absolutely. It covers legal and medical costs, such as a customer slipping and incurring an injury at your cafe.
  • Are Melville construction companies required to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

    • Yes, it’s a legal requirement in New York, ensuring protection for employees against job-related injuries or illnesses.
  • I am a homebuilder in Melville; can Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance protect me against design faults?

    • Yes, it covers financial losses resulting from design faults, including legal defenses and potential settlements.

Private Client Services

  • Does Homeowners Insurance cover hurricane damages, like those from Hurricane Sandy, in Melville?

    • It might cover some damages, but a separate flood insurance policy is necessary for flooding-related damages.
  • Can Renters Insurance cover theft of my belongings in my Melville apartment?

    • Yes, it helps cover the cost to replace stolen items from your Melville apartment.
  • Can I insure my art collection acquired from Melville galleries?

    • Yes, Collections insurance protects your art investments from damages or thefts.

Life Insurance

  • If I live in Melville, can I tailor my Term Life insurance to cover my mortgage period?

    • Definitely, ensuring your family won’t worry about mortgage payments if something happens during the term.
  • Are there trusted advisors in Melville for understanding Universal Life Insurance?

    • Yes, Melville houses experts to help you make informed decisions about Universal Life Insurance.

Employee Benefits

  • How can HR Support aid Melville businesses in staying compliant?

    • It helps you stay updated with federal and state labor laws, avoiding penalties.
  • How can Worksite Solutions benefit business owners in Melville?

    • They assist in designing beneficial packages for employees, fostering a positive work environment.

Sports & Entertainment

  • Can Event Cancellation Insurance cover the cancellation of a music event at The Paramount in Melville due to unforeseen weather conditions?

    • Yes, it covers losses associated with canceling an event due to unforeseen circumstances like extreme weather conditions.


  • Can Insurance Cost and Coverage Analysis aid Melville constructors in budget management?

    • Yes, it helps in understanding potential costs and finding optimal coverage, aiding budget management.

Real Estate

  • How can loss control solutions assist real estate companies in Melville?

    • They identify and mitigate potential risks, helping to prevent financial losses due to damages or lawsuits.


  • How can PEO services assist Melville business owners during employee onboarding?

    • PEO services facilitate a hassle-free start for new hires, handling necessary paperwork and training efficiently.


  • What does the simple claims reporting process entail for Melville residents?

    • It allows a quick and easy claim report, typically through online portals or a dedicated helpline.

Bitcoin Mining

  • Is there insurance for bitcoin mining operations in Melville?

    • Yes, we offer policies covering various aspects, including business interruptions and machine protections.

International Services

  • Can inheritance & gift tax analysis in international services benefit Melville residents?

    • Yes, especially those with international assets, helping in navigating complex tax situations.

Healthcare Workers

  • Do you offer solutions for healthcare facilities in Melville?

    • Yes, including professional liability and business interruption insurance to safeguard against various risks.

Estate Planning Services

  • Can families in Melville avail inter-generational planning through estate planning services?

    • Yes, aiding in a smooth transition of assets across generations, securing financial stability.

Personalized Solutions/Private Client

  • What coverage options are available for watercraft owners in Melville?

    • Several options are available, including physical damage and liability coverage, to enjoy Melville waters safely.
  • Can Cyber Liability insurance protect my small e-commerce business in Melville?

    • Absolutely, it safeguards against online threats including data breaches and cyber-attacks.
  • How can Kidnap & Ransom Insurance protect Melville business executives traveling abroad?

    • It covers financial repercussions of kidnapping situations, ensuring peace of mind during international travels.


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