Is Auto-Renewal Right for Your Policy?

Insurance Coverage

While keeping up with the whirlwind of daily life, the last thing you want to worry about is renewing your auto, home, condo, or renters insurance. The ability to set policies to automatically renew can be a lifesaver. However, before embracing auto-renewal, it’s crucial to ask yourself: “Is this the best option for me?” Convenience […]

What You Need to Know About Medical Exams When Buying Life Insurance

Life Insurance Medical Exam

Are you searching for a life insurance policy? The thought of a mandatory medical exam may be daunting, but fear not – we’re here to shed light on what this exam entails and why it matters. What is the Purpose of the Medical Exam? When you apply for life insurance, insurance companies often request a […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Your Health, Your Priority

Female Patient with Male Doctor

Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Take Charge of Your Health September marks Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month—an urgent call to action against this silent, yet deadly, disease. It’s time to take control of your health and join the fight against ovarian cancer. In this article, we’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your […]

Every Healthcare Worker Needs Healthcare Insurance Coverage, Here’s Why

The Importance of Insurance for Healthcare Workers   The Rising Demand In today’s rapidly changing medical landscape, healthcare workers remain on the frontline, facing unique risks daily. Hotaling Insurance Services recognizes these challenges and offers tailored solutions for their insurance needs. While “Healthcare Workers” is a broad term, their exposure to distinct professional hazards remains […]

Hotaling Medical Malpractice Insurance Services

Medical Malpractice Insurance Services

Medical Malpractice Insurance Services Who Needs Medical Malpractice Insurance? Medical malpractice insurance can benefit physicians, nurses, dentists, optometrists, and other medical professionals. Most states require physicians to carry medical malpractice insurance. However, even where it is not legally required, coverage is a smart idea. What Does Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover? If you are sued, medical […]

Medical Malpractice Insurance ABCs

The ABCs of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice Insurance ABCs What are the Medical Malpractice Insurance ABC’s? Most states require that physicians obtain medical malpractice insurance to offset the risk and costs of potential lawsuits. The risk is great enough that even in states that lack this requirement, physicians rarely practice without it. In addition to physicians, there are other professions […]

Empowering Young Employees with Benefit Knowledge

Benefits Education for Young Employees

Benefits Education for Young Employees When it comes to Benefits Education for Young Employees, things aren’t always simple. Only 7% of individuals can define terms like premium, deductible and coinsurance, according to UnitedHealthcare. Properly educating employees can help keep costs down for everyone and improve overall well-being.   Start With Benefits 101 Employers should start […]

California Releases it’s COVID-19 Leave Law Blog

California COVID-19 Leave Law Under a new law, California employers with more than 25 employees must provide up to 80 new hours of supplemental paid sick leave for specific COVID-19-related reasons. The leave requirement takes effect March 29, 2021, but is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2021. Reasons for Leave Employees may take leave if they […]

Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Programs News

So, Basically Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Programs Here we will discuss Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Programs.While decisions regarding vaccine distribution vary by state and local governments, eligibility will soon expand to most adults in the United States. This means it’s time for employers to prepare to put plans into action. For some organizations, these plans may include […]

Your Workers’ Compensation Partner

Hotaling Insurance Services - Your Workers’ Compensation Partner

Hotaling Insurance Services – Your Workers’ Compensation Partner Premium Audits While workers’ compensation requirements can differ between states, many policies include a routine premium audit process. Different from most other lines of commercial insurance (e.g., property coverage)—in which potential exposures can be identified upfront and premium expenses are final—workers’ compensation premiums paid at the beginning […]